Academic Teaching

IGC-ISI Summer School in Development Economics, 2019

Taught lectures on Randomized Controlled Trials (theory and implementation) and Industrial Policies in India.

Course Instructor, Yale University

Spring 2018– Econ 591: Economics of Poverty Alleviation (for graduate students)  Syllabus

Fall 2016– Econ 546: Growth & Macroeconomics for IDESyllabus

Teaching Fellow, Yale University

Spring 2016– Econ 546: Growth & Macroeconomics. Instructor: David Love

Fall 2015– Econ 545: Microeconomics for IDE. Instructor: Michael Boozer

Fall 2014– Econ 546: Macroeconomics for IDE. Instructor: Irasema Alonso

Training Experience

Monitoring & evaluation training course for Indian Economic Services, New Delhi (2014, 2015, 2016)
Lectures on “Quasi-experimental methods”, “Sampling, sample size and power”, “Basics of STATA”.

Executive Education Course (J-PAL South Asia), New Delhi (2014, 2015, 2016)
Lectures on “How to randomize”, “Sample size and power”, “Measuring impact”.

Staff training for J-PAL and IPA (2014)
Lectures on “Data visualization”, “Project from start to finish”, “Field planning and data collection”.