Working papers

  1. Aggregate implications of barriers to female entrepreneurship
    with Pinelopi K. Goldberg, December 2021  [PDF]  [NBER WP]
    Under Revision for Econometrica
    Coverage: Research Wire, Economics & Marginalia, Ideas to Action Podcast


  2. How important are matching frictions in the labor market? Evidence from a large Indian firm with Abhijit V. Banerjee, September 2021 [PDF] 
    Under Revision for Review of Economics and Statistics
    Coverage: PEDL CEPR interview


  3.  Political connections during a crisis
    with Yutong Chen, Sheetal Sekhri, Anirban Sen and Aaditeshwar Seth, April 2022 [PDF]


  4.  Not too little, but too late: Improving post-primary learning outcomes in India
    with Diva Dhar and Radhika Nagesh, March 2022 [PDF]


  5. Marriage markets and the rise of dowry in India
    with Jeff Weaver, August 2021 [PDF] [Online Appendix] 
    World Bank, Live Mint, Ideas for India, Global Dev,  Ideas to Action,  Soch,  BBC


  6. Equilibrium effects of size-based policies on multiproduct firms
    September 2019 [PDF]


  1. Political institutions and policy responses during a crisis with Sabyasachi Das
    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, May 2021
    Coverage: Ideas to Action

Selected works in progress

  1. Labor laws and informality 
    (with Ritam Chaurey and Vidhya Soundararajan)


  2. Volatility and development
    (with Rafael Dix-Carniero, Pravin Krishna and Mine Senses)


  3. The effect of storage capacity on price dynamics and production
    (with Sabyasachi Das and Shivakumar Venkatraman)

Policy/Media writings

  1. Which jobs are lost during a lockdown? Evidence from vacancy postings in India
    with Erin Kelley and Greg Lane, August 2020  [PDF]
    Ideas for India, The Economic Times, International Growth Centre


  2. “Unless operational constraints on firms are removed, amending labor laws won’t work” , Hindustan Times, 26 May 2020 (with Ritam Chaurey) [LINK]


  3. “The MSME sector is critical in times of COVID-19”, Hindustan Times, 03 April 2020
    (with Ritam Chaurey and Vidhya Soundararajan) [LINK]


  4. Who gets LPG subsidies?”, Economic Survey of India, 2013.
    (with Abhijit Banerjee)