1. Political institutions and policy responses during a crisis [PDF]
    with Sabyasachi Das, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, May 2021
    Coverage: Ideas to Action
  2. Marriage markets and the rise of dowry in India [PDF] [Online Appendix] 
    with Jeff Weaver, Forthcoming at Journal of Development Economics
    World Bank, Live Mint, Ideas for India, Global Dev,  Ideas to Action,  Soch,  BBC

Working Papers

  1. Political connections during a crisis
    with Yutong Chen, Sheetal Sekhri, Anirban Sen and Aaditeshwar Seth, May 2023 [PDF] [IZA Working Paper]
  2. How important are matching frictions in the labor market? Evidence from a large Indian firm with Abhijit V. Banerjee, March 2023 [PDF] 
    Coverage: PEDL CEPR interview
  3. Not too little, but too late: Improving post-primary learning outcomes in India
    with Diva Dhar and Radhika Nagesh, March 2023 [PDF]
  4. Employment effects of mobile internet in developing countries
    with Pinelopi K. Goldberg, November 2022 [PDF]
    Coverage: Ideas for India, ProMarket (Chicago Booth), Economic Growth Centre (Yale)
  5. Implementation of labor laws and informality
    with Ritam Chaurey and Vidhya Soundararajan, August 2022 [PDF]
  6. Aggregate implications of barriers to female entrepreneurship
    with Pinelopi K. Goldberg, December 2021  [PDF]  [NBER WP]
    Under Revision for Econometrica
    Coverage: NBER Bulletin on Entrepreneurship, Research Wire, Economics & Marginalia, Ideas to Action Podcast
  7. Equilibrium effects of size-based policies on multiproduct firms
    September 2019 [PDF]

Selected Works in Progress

  1. Gender barriers, structural transformation and economic development
    with Tatjana Kleineberg 
  2. Sharing with friends: Job information sharing within social networks
    with Erin M. Kelley and Greg Lane
  3. Economic development and forest conservation under decentralized governance
    with Sabyasachi Das

Policy and Media Writings

  1. Which jobs are lost during a lockdown? Evidence from vacancy postings in India
    with Erin Kelley and Greg Lane, August 2020 [PDF]
    Ideas for India, The Economic Times, International Growth Centre
  2. “Unless operational constraints on firms are removed, amending labor laws won’t work”
    Hindustan Times, May 2020 (with Ritam Chaurey) [LINK]
  3. “The MSMSE sector is critical in times of COVID-19”
    Hindustan Times, May 2020 (with Ritam Chaurey and Vidhya Soundararajan) [LINK]
  4. “Who gets LPG subsidies?”
    Economic Survey of India, 2013 (with Abhijit V. Banerjee)

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